What was the political aim of the 'Birsa Movement'?

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a. Birsa munda was one of the popular tribal figures who led the revolt in Chottanagpur in Bihar​.
b. The main political aspirations of the Birsa Movement want to restore their customary right to the land, which the tribals were deprived because of the colonial policies.
c. The British policies restricted tribals entry into forests, imposed grazing tax, forest laws that banned shifting agriculture.
d. Birsa movement aimed at restoring the culture of the tribals which was affected by the colonial policies.
e. He wanted to drive out the British,  missionaries, moneylenders, Hindu landlords, and the government that were a threat to the tribals and their lifestyle.
f. The British were destroying land system, the ​Hindu landlords and moneylenders were taking over their land, christian missionaries were targetting their local culture, criticisng it.
g. Biras movement aimed to establish muda raj.


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