what were ranga's views about marriage

Ranga's views about marriage were as follows:

If one gets married, it should be to a girl who is mature. Otherwise one should remain a bachelor.

If one marries a young girl, there won't be understanding between the couples and the girl may take the words spoken in love as words spoken in anger.

A man should marry a girl he admires.

Ranga was a very civilised and changed person when he had returned to his village. He had no pre-conceived ideas of getting married however, he was spellbound by Ratna's musical abilities and beauty and thus, decided to get married.

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ranga was influenced by the english way of life in the matter of marriage. he was not in favour of arranged marriages of the time where the brides were quite young. he told the narrator that he was not getting married just then. he gave two reasons. first, he must find a right a girl of his choice. she must be mature enough to understand his love-talk. he gives examples of thirty year old officer who married a twenty five year old lady and that of the king dushyanta faling in love with shakuntla. the second reason he gave was that one should marry a girl he loves.

during the course of the story we find a change in ranga's idea about marriage. not only is he fascinatedby rama rao's eleven year old neice ratna he also marries he also marries her in the old traditional way of of arranged marriages

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Ranga has his own views for marriage.He opines that the girl should be quite mature. She should we able to understand her husband. There should not be great age difference between the husband and wife.
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Ranga belived that the gap between the age of the girl and her husband should not be to much.He would give the example of Kalidas's play"Shakuntala".He said that if shakuntala had been young,Dushyantha would not have fallen in love with her.Ranga also beleived that a man should marry a girl  he likes.
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Ranga was against child marriage
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