What were the advantages that Indian weavers

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Weavers frequently had a place with networks that worked in weaving. Their abilities were given starting with one age then onto the next. The tanti weavers of Bengal, the julahas or momin weavers of north India, deal and kaikollar and devangs of south India are a portion of the networks renowned for weaving.
As a matter of first importance Indian weavers are extremely profited on the grounds that countless garments created in India is sent out. Indian weaver knew the specialty of weaving perplexing plans. This was impractical in weaving machines that created material in England. There was an extraordinary interest for the complicatedly woven material by the rich and working class in India. Indians had another benefit moreover. They created a coarse assortment of material that was modest and was utilized by the destitute individuals in India. There was a consistent interest for this assortment of material too.



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