What were the different oddities witnessed by Bama on her way home? (120-150 words)


On her way back home, Bama saw a monkey dancing, a snake charmer performing with his snake, a cyclist who kept on cycling incessantly, a magic show with barely any magic, a fish stall adjacent to the statue of Gandhi, a puppet show, a narikkuravan huntergypsy with his wild lemur in cages, etc. She found the sight of these things fascinating. She kept on stalling at each of these places. However, what perplexed and bemused her the most was the funny action of a man carrying a packet of vadais. The man bowed before the landlord and did not hand over the packet to the landlord directly. Bama found it funny that the man handed over the food packet in a hilarious manner instead of giving it directly to the landlord as there was every chance the vadais would fall out of the packet. 

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