what were the disadvantages of the ryotwari system?

Disadvantages of the ryotwari system were

1. The peasant had to bear a high tax rate.
2. The tax had to be paid irrespective even if the crops failed due to factors like drought.
3. During such times, peasants were reduced to starvation level due to the requirement to pay the tax.
4. This could even lead to widespread famines.

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The disadvantages were ;
1 . The system through subletting encouraged absentee landlordism
​2, Due to practice of  mortgaging gave rise  to a new zamindari class with all its exploitative practices
3. The system was highly exploitative and the cultivator suffered badly
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The disadvantage is that the rural population of india were greatly affected by the introduction of ryotwari system as the demand imposed by the revenue officials was too high nd the ryots had to pay revenue even when their crops were destroyed by natural calamities. Many ryots unable to pay the revenue fled the countryside leaving several villages deserted.
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