What were the major outcomes of democracy?

The outcomes of democracy are:


1. Accountable , legitimate , responsive government: Democracy ensures free and fair elections. By doing so, it helps to install an accountable, legitimate and responsive government. 
2. Economic growth and development: It is expected from democracy to bring economic development because, it works on the principle of equality. 
3. Reduction of inequality and poverty : Equality before law is the principal outcome of democracy 
4. Accommodation of social diversity : Democracy is a binding force that facilitates people of all religions, races, caste or creed. Hence it accommodates social diversity.

5. Dignity and freedom of the citizens: Democracy secures multiple rights of the individual to keep his dignity and freedom intact.

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so simple frnd just our power over democracy dats it read da text book once nd forget da pressure frnd

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The most basic outcome of democracy is that it

1)produces a government responsive to the needs and expectations of the citizens and

2) is accountable to the common man.

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