what will happen if stretch receptors are removed from urinary bladder

1. micturition will continue

2. there will be no micturition.

3. urine will not collect in the bladder.

4. urine will normally collect in the bladder

choose the correct answer and explain as different views are given different books

Dear student,
Please find below the solution to the asked query

The correct option is 1. 
If stretch receptors are removed from urinary bladder, there will be continuous micturition i.e urine will pass continuously. When urinary bladder becomes filled, the stretch receptors present in the walls of bladder send signals to the spinal cord along the pelvic nerves. The spinal cord sends reflex back to the muscles of bladder due to which they contract and develop the urge for urination. However, if these receptors are removed, the signal will not reach to the spinal cord and there will be no reflex phenomenon. The urine will accumulate in bladder and will overflow continuously.

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Ther Will Not Be Any Micturition 

As The Receptors Are Absent The Signals Will Not Be Sent To the Brain For The Initiation Of the Process of Micturition

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