what will happen if we eat  SOLID OXYGEN .

1. Solid oxygen sublimes to gaseous oxygen at -218 degree Celsius.

2. So, it is not practically possible to eat solid oxygen as it is not stable in its solid form at the temperatures upto which human can survive.

3. Secondly, eating solid oxygen may lead to a exothermic process in our body and we can die.

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  It would be so cold that it would kill you because it freezes at -218C. Even eating snow can kill you if you eat enough. Another problem is that if you managed to swallow a lump of frozen oxygen is that it would boil in your stomach and expand so much that you might burst. It could also cause you to burst into flames or even explode, when a flammable material such as the fat in your body is immersed in liquid oxygen it doesn't take much for oxidisation (fire) to start, it can happen spontaneously.
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oxygen melts at -360 F  .If you can even manage to get it that cold you may potentially get frost bite or severely damage your mouth eating anything that cold.
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you damage your mouth
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