What will happen if

A plant cell is kept in a hypertonic solution?

An animal cell is kept in a hypertonic solution?

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When a fully turgid plant cell is placed in a hypertonic solution, water moves out, first from cytoplasm and then from vacuole. Cell membrane shrinks away from the cell wall. This phenomenon is known as plasmolysis. 

If animal cell is kept is hypertonic solution, the cell will loose water and it will shrink. In RBC, crenation can be seen.

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 Plant cell: Water moves out of the cell.

Osmosis will take place.

Animal cell:In a hypertonic solution water is most likely to move out of the cell because its in a high concentration and it moves from high to low so there for water will move out the cell and it will shrink.

They tend to give up water across the permiable cell membrane and would therefore shrink.

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when a plant cell is kept in hypertonic solution : 
this solution is less concentrated than the cell contents... so when a cell is placed .. due to water potential gradient... water flows from its higher to lower concentration... ie from the solution to the cell...therefore the cell volume increases in size... it bulges.

when an animal cell is kept in hypertonic solution :

  1. If plant cell is kept in hypotonic solution it will swell up due to endosmosis whereas animal cell will burst out .As cell wall is present in plant cell it protects it from bursting but in animal cell cell wall is absent.
  2. In hypertonic solution the outside solution is concentrated,as a result will shrink.In plants it 'may ' cause plasmolysis(cytoplasm detached from cell wall.)

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    Cells have chances to burst if HYPOTONIC solution is very dilute.because water enters and the cell will become saturated with solvent.

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