What will happen there will be no carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

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Carbon dioxide is an important greenhouse gas. 
Carbon dioxide is the main reason for our surrounding temperature to remain constant at 25°C. It traps the heat from sun i.e radiation. Plants will not be able to perform photosynthesis. 

Without atmospheric nitrogen, no more nitrogen would enter the biosphere and all plants and animals would die.
Nitrogen makes up more than three quarters of the air we breath. So without it, there would be substantially less air, so density of air would decrease. Nitrogen is present in DNA, urine, gases, almost everything living has nitrogen in it. If there is no nitrogen in atmosphere, so air would now mostly comprise of oxygen and carbon dioxide, lots of animals and living creatures would die because of the incredibly high concentrations of these gases. Nitrogen is also used by plants for photosynthesis. If only oxygen would have been present on the earth, then only one man can explode the whole earth using a single lighter. So, nitrogen plays very important part in balancing the earth's atmosphere.


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