What would be expected to happen ? If

a-GA3 is applied to rice seedling.

b- a rotten fruit get mixed with unripe fruits.

c-You forget to add cytokinin to the culture medium.

a) Gibberellic acid  (GA3) is a phytohormone that promotes cell growth and cell elongation. So, its application causes increase in stems and inter nodal length and  also extensive root system development. Thus,  when GA3 is applied on the rice seedlings then these seedlings will also exhibit internode elongation and increase in height.

b) Rotting is the process of decay of plant and animal products. Rotting of fruit may occur due to various reasons like growth of microorganisms, overexposure to oxygen or overproduction of ethylene gas. Depending on the type of rot, the effect of mixing it with unripe fruits would be different. If the rotting is due to microorganisms, then the unripe fruits will get infected and rot. While if it is due to ethylene production, then it would result in enhance ripening of unripe fruits

c) Cytokinins (kinetin) act together with auxins (indoleacetic acid) to induce cell division in the culture medium, which leads to the formation of callus.Cytokinins also help in shoot development in tissue culture.  So, if cytokinins are not added to tissue culture , then  cell division, growth, differentiation will not occur properly  in tissue culture and shoot development will also not occur.

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