what would be the advantages of exploiting resorces with short-term aims?

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We need to use our resources wisely because these are not unlimited and with the human population increasing at a tremendous rate due to improvement in health-care, the demand for all resources is increasing at an exponential rate. So the management of natural resources requires a long-term perspective. But there are few advantages also associated with exploitation to the natural resources since there are categories of resources which loses its quality by over preservation and do not give better results later on and in this way we lose the opportunity of using them in the best of their forms so this management should also ensure equitable and wise distribution of resources among present and future generation.

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well...according to me short term aims do not involve conservation of natural resources..... so the advantages would be something like over exploitation of resources would result in the development and progression of the nation... that is establishment of industries by making maximum use of energy which results in the improvement of the lifestyles of the people ( higher standards of living and increase in the income of the people) .... and if you ask about the disadvantages then they are: increase in the pollution levels, global warming, depletion and shortage of resources etc. According to me long term aims contribute towards the conservation of the natural resources for the future generation (sustainable development).

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 following are theadvantages of exploiting resorces with short-term aims:-

  1. fast industrialisation and development
  2. large number of products for use and comforts.

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