what would happen if the solutions used in hydroponics were poorly aerated???

many plants require certain bacteria and fungi for their growth and development. many of these micro-organisms require aerobic conditions to survive. therefore, without proper aeration plants would die.

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The nutrients solution used in Hydroponic should be properly aerated to ensure that the root cell of the plant is provided with required air for optimum growth.
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Nutrition solution is aerated so as to make the essential elements properly mix in water that are sateled at the bottom due to non aeration and absorbed by plant easily.
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The nutrients solution used in hydoponics should be properly aerated otherwise plant will not get enough nutrients and which inhibits the growth also.......
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Solutions should be aerated in order to provide oxygen to the root cells bcoz carbon hydrogen and oxygen are essential elements .
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When the cells in the roots do not have access to oxygen, they will die and this can cause the entire plant to die as well. This is why it is so important to make sure the soil and/or nutrient solution is properly aerated to maintain enough oxygen for the plant cells found in the root mass.
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