Whatsthe answer and its explanations ofq no244

Whatsthe answer and its explanations ofq no244 244. w•w-h

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Q244. The correct answer is (a). The statements I and II are true while the statements III, IV and V are false.
1.Turgor pressure is also known as hydrostatic pressure. So, we can say that the positive hydrostatic pressure is also known as turgor pressure.

2. Wall pressure is the pressure exerted by the plant cell wall to prevent the entry of the solvent inside the cell, thus helps in maintaing the normal conditions inside the cell and also maintaining the shape of the cell. This wall pressure prevents the entry of the solvent and therefore prevents the increase in the size of the protoplasm (cytoplasm+nucleus).

3. Diffusion is more rapid in lighter particles like gases than in hevaier particles like solids and liquids. Thus, this statement is wrong. The diffusion rate is as follows:Diffusion in gases>Diffusion in liquids>Diffusion in solids.

4. Diffusion of water through semipermeable membrane is called as osmosis and not imbibition. Imbibition is the adsorption of water on the surfaces of the substances.

5.Osmosis is the movement of the solvent or the liquid from its high concentration to its low concentration, thus it involves the movement of only water which takes place along their diffusion gradient through a semipermeable membrane and not the other substances which moves against the gradient.Thus, it is incorrect.

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