when gold ornaments are sent for polishing they lose small amount of weight.explain how does this happen?

To polish a gold ornament, it is dipped in a liquid called aqua regia (a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid). On getting the environment of aqua regia, the outer layer of gold dissolves and the inner shiny layer appears. The dissolving of the layer causes a reduction in the weight of the jewellery.

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Because Gold Ornaments Are Washed In Nitric Acid To Remove The Impurities And That Impurities Are Removed When Dipped In Nitric Acid Hence There Is A Loss In Weight

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whenever gold ornaments are sent for polishing they are dipped in a concentrated solution of acids so a very li'l amount of the gold disolves in it and a layer of shining gold is revealed.

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answer is in ncert solutions of science chapter 4 Q 11 

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Jewelleries are kept in mild acids. As gold is a metal , acid reacts with it vigourously. With all impurities acid also removes a thin layer of gold from the jewellery. That is why . we face a slight loss in its weight.

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