when is the pyramid of biomass spindle shaped?

Pyramid of biomass is spindle shaped or inverted in case of aquatic ecosystem where organic matter present in producers ( phytoplanktons) is less than that of herbivores (plant eating fish) whereas carnivores (larger fish which eat other small fish, insects etc.) has the largest organic matter. This is because of increase in reproductive potential and survival of organisms as we move up the trophic level. 

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d eg. is of no. not biomass in tree ecosystem.. tree-- insects-- birds...

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there is a question in 2011 cbse board paper regarding examples for spindle shaped pyramid of (i) number (ii)biomass

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Inverted pyramid of biomasss comes in aquatic ecosystem. This is because producers(Phytoplankton) are microscopic and have less biomass than Consumers( Fishes)

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the question is spindle-shaped not inverted....

maybe we can consider: tree- small birds- hawks for it..??

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