when will be the resultant of two given vectors is maximum?

Magnitude of the resultant of two vectors is maximum, when the vectors act in the same direction and is minimum when they act in opposite directions.

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For this, suppose two forces are acting.

If the two forces (vectors) are acting in the same dirrection and the same sense, the angle between the two forces will be 0, so the maximum force will be reached at 0 degrees.

Illustration of the Example,

The inner product of the resultant force is

F1*F2=IF1I*IF2I*cos (F1,F2)

We are knowing that the maximum value of the IF1I*IF2I*cos (F1,F2) is given by the maximum value of the cos(F1,F2)=1 when the angle between F1 and F2 is 0 (180)

Sonash Askew
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for cross product angle should be sin 90 and cos 180 for dot product
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