where will we use linear eq in 2 variables in our daily life

The linear equation in two variables found variety of applications in daily life. Some of them follows as:

1)When you go through a taxi, then fair for some distance is fixed and for rest of the journey it varies. So, total amount paid is calculated by using linear equation.

2) They are used in comparing the age of father with son/daughter or mother with son/daughter.

3) They also found their respective use in comparing marks among students obtained in their class test, final exams etc.  

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People tend not to think in terms of equations and formulas in their daily lives. They use language to describe the situation. But words can be translated into the language of mathematics. Take a very simple example: A mother has to divide six apples among three children. Effortlessly she reaches the conclusion that each child gets two apples. What she has used is the mathematical function of division to reach the answer: 6/3=2.

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