which tribe did aram and mourad belong to ? which trades of tribe are highlighted end in the story the summer of beautiful white horse.

Aram and his cousin Mourad belonged to the Garghlonian tribe. The traits of the tribe highligthed in the story are honesty and truthfulness
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Who was Aram and mourad and which tride did they belong to
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Murad and arab are two poor Armenian boys belongs to a tribe whose hallmark are trust and honesty.
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Both of them belonged to armenian also called garoghlanian tribe
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The trait of this tribe was their honesty and trustworthyness
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Aram and Mourad belonged to the Garoghlanian tribe of Armenia. This tribe was known for its truthfulness, honesty as well as integrity. They were so reputed in terms of honesty that John Byro on knowing that it was his horse that Mourad had stolen, decided to believe in his heart and say that the horse wasn't his. Their tribe was also known to be living in an acute form of poverty.
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Mourad and the narrator both belonged to gargolian family and their family were known for their honesty and punctuality . But the boys didn't follow it . Moreover ,they stole john byro's horse and this how they stay away from their tribal traits.
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The 2 boys, Mourad and Aram, were from a Garoghalanian family, which belonged to Armeninan tribe. In spite of being poor,the whole clan had some unusual quality. They were proud, honest and reliable people.they never cheated or took advantage of anyone. But, the two boys stay away from their tribal traits as they had stolen the horse of a famer, John Byro and hence were not honest.
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