who led the revolt in awadh??

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a. As company expanded its control, many Indian rulers were discontented with the policies of the Company.
b.The British policy of annexation of Awadh was resented.
c. In 1801, subsidiary alliance was imposed on the region.
d.  Later, The  British annexed  Awadh on the pretext of misgovernance  which created further resentment.
e. This led to participation of Awadh in the revolt.
f. The revolt in Awadh was the result of action by taluqdars, peasants who resisted such a move by the British.
g. They joined Begum Hazrat Mahal, 
the wife  of Nawab of Awadh. who took charge of Awadh and control of Lucknow.

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The revolt was led by the brave and resourceful Begum Hazarat Mahal with the support of sepoys , peasants , chiefs, and talukdars of awadh.
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