'Whose roots lay deeper than our lives' – what aspect of human behaviour does this line reflect?

A banyan tree's life cycle is a unique one, it grows as an epiphyte. It may live for more than 200 years or even 400-450 years. In contrast an average human life is of 70-80 years. It is clearly visible that one banyan alone may survive generations of humans. Banyan has strangled roots knotted in its trunk that grow for centuries. It transcends human life and rolls and grows with the knowledge that it witnesses all the while. The poet has subtly juxtaposed a human life to that of a banyan. For all its mythical hugeness that makes it an enigma a human is thrown into utter bewilderment and surprise for all the knowledge that it secrets away inside its vast trunk, which grows with its aerial roots that grow to reach the ground. They resemble the lives that it has lived again and again witnessing all the human lives that descended and perished with time standing tall and erect.

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