why a moving ship takes longer time as compared to a car when equal breaks are appiled

We know that ship has a larger mass than that of a car. Due to the large momentum (p=mv) of ship, when it is allowed to stop the time taken by it to reduce the momentum to zero is more than in case of a car. So moving ship takes longer time to stop.

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please answer fast !! :(

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Ship doesn't have brakes, it has to use reverse! But in any case, 
the reason a ship takes longer to stop than a car is that is has more 
momentum. Think of momentum as something that tells you how hard it will be to stop an object. More momentum means it will be harder to stop. 
Momentum is equal to the mass of the object times it velocity or speed. So a ship has a lot more mass that a car and takes longer to stop.

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because the ship has much more mass than a car and deceleration that is applied by the brakes{if the ship has} is also a kind of forced.

and according to the second law of motion that is f is ma 

we know that force is directly proportional to the mass of an object so the brake force{it is equal in both the cases then}then more force is exerted in the brakes of the ship than that of a car and thus the ship will take more time to stop than the car takes.

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