why are bryophytes known as amphibians of the plant kingdom??

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The bryophytes though regarded as terrestrial plants, their range of habitat is diverse.

On one extreme, they grow in situations, where they are almost constantly submerged in water (e.g., Riccia fluitans), on the other hand, most of the species, however, occur in moist situations on various substrata.Therefore,Bryophyes regarded as plant amphibians.

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They need both the land and water to survive...that is why they are known as the amphibians of the plant kingdom

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Bryophytes are known as amphibians of plant kingdom because just like the amphibians of animalia kingdom they too need water for Fertilization.

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bryophytes are the plants which can survive in water and land both so they are called amphibians of plant kingdom.

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sorry  but  payal  gupta,  moss  don't need  water  and they  fertilize through  sunlight..

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Because they are present both land and watwr.

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Bryophytes are small multicellular green land plants.These simplest land plants are confined to shady damp places.They are also called amphibians of the plant Kingdom.

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Although  Bryophytes live on land, they require water for reproduction. So, they r regarded as the amphibians of the plant kingdom.

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