Why are cases of lung cancer more in smokers than in non-smokers

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Cigarette smoke consists of many cancer causing agents{Carcinogens}. When smokers smoke a cigarette they inhale the smoke directly , which destroys the tissue lining of the lung. The smoke of the cigarette contains tobacco smoke and around 60 chemicals which can cause cancer. So it is the result of this inhaling of the smoke that the lining of the lung ruptures and a tumour develops which causes cancer in smokers.
Non-smokers have a less chance of developing cancer because they inhale the smoke of the cigarette indirectly. However if some tobacco containing products are eaten by the no-smokers, they can also have cancer.


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This is because all the chemicals in the cigarette (in the form of gas ) enter the lungs and damage the cells.So smokers will have lung cancer.The non smokers will not have as they do not smoke
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This is because the smokers smoke and they put themself in the trouble
Now their lungs has the liquid tar which is used to make road 
this is why smokers has lung cancer more than non-smokers

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