why are diatoms called chief producers in oceans?

Diatoms are the chief producers in some oceans and in some seasons as they are the primary producers and the food chain in marine ecosystem depends on it.

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Diatoms are the phytoplanktons algae. These are found in very large numbers on earth. Some features of diatoms are as follows:- * Cell wall forms two thin overlapping shells. * Walls embedded with silica, and thus, indestructible. * Fossilized remains of diatoms are referred to as ‘diatomaceous earth’. * These are mostly photosynthetic & chief producers of the ocean.

Golden algae These belong to class chrysophyceae, also known as chrysophytes. These are unicellular, free swimming organisms found mainly in fresh water. These are important in maintaining the ecosystem of lake an they are the chief source of food for zooplanktons. They are generally photosynthetic but in the absence of sufficient light they start feeding on other organisms or on their remains.

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diatoms are also known as chief producers in ocean cz'

  • all the other creatures depend on the planktons in theocean for food,as it completes the food chain.they play the vital role of primary producers.
  • they also maintain the ecological balance.
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