why are northern plains thickly populated?

plains r thickly populated bcoz of following reasons-

  1. plains r very fertile for agriculture
  2. there is a good climatic conditions for human beings
  3. Availaibality of water for irrigation & drinking

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plains are thinly populated because 

} these plains are level and flat

} these plains provide fertile land for cultivation

} construction of transport and communication network

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Northen plains are generally level and flat.These areformed by the allwail deposits loid doewn by the rivers.The Indus,The Ganga,the Brahmaputra and there tributries.These river plains provides fertile land for cultivation.Hence, large numaber of people live in the northen plains.

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In northen indiian plains it is laid down by rivers and their tributaries. Theseriverplains provide fertile lsnd for cultivation. That is the reason for high concertration of population in these plains

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Suchanda Dutta
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This plains provide a fertile land for cultivation .
That's why this area is thickly populated
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Please find this answer

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Northern plains are thickly populated because of the following reasons:
1. It is very fertile as alluvium is deposited here therefore good land for agriculture
2.There are favoured climatic conditions.
3.Availability of water.
4.Easy transportation and communication.
5.Flat land therefore easy to live.
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The river plains thickly populated as more flat land is available for building houses as well as for cultivation.
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Northern plains are densly populated as :-

1.They are very fertile with alluvium soil.

2.Moderate temperature

3.With good supply of water.

4.Transportaion and construction of houses easy.
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1) the pains are made  up of fertile soil
2) the conditions are favorable for agriculture
3) the construction of transport network is easy in this area
the climatic conditions are favorable for human life
4) due to this many people live in the northern plains
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1. The soil.is very fertile and therefore perfect for cultivation 2. Transportation is easier 3. So is communication These were the main reasons i knew . Was my answer helpful ?
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Northern plains are thickly populated because of fertile land on which they make their houses and buildings .
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the northern plains are thickly populated because the northern plains some Northern Plains are near to the mountain but some are there that the sea coast so they are thickly populated
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Plains are thickly populated because some Plains are there to the mountain Birds on planes and you to the core so they are thickly populated
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Northern plain have very moderate temperature and also have enough water.We can do here farming ,agriculture and etc
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