why are the plains thickly-populated????? 

The Plains Are THickly Populated Because :-

1. The Land Is Level And Flat ,So It Is Easy To Construct Building.

2.The Land Here Is Fertile,So Cultivation Is Possible.

3.Construction Of Transport Network Is Easy.

4. The Plains Are The Most Useful Are For Human Habitation.

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1.Plains are very fertile.

2.Construction of transport network is easy.

3.Plains are most useful areas for human habitation

4.Beacause of fertile soils the land is highly productive  for cultivation

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A lot of flat lands are available in plains. Also these plains are generally fertile. Hence, plains are the most useful areas for human habitation and as well as for cultivation. Transport network can also be easily constructed in plains. Thus plains are thickly populated.

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Plains are thickly populated as they provide fertile and the best agricultural land. They also provide best living conditions.
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hey Suhani,

The Northern plains lie to the south of the Himalayas.They are generally level and flat.These are formed by the alluvial deposits laid down by the rivers-the Indus,the Ganga ,the Brahmaputra and their tributaries.These river plains  provide fertile land for cultivation.That is the reason for high concentration of population in these plains.
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rivers from the himalaya carry sediments with them . during the monsoon season , when the river overflows these sediments settle there becoming the fertile soil, alluvial soil . this why the plains are thickly populated .
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