why ctenophora are known as sea walnuts and comb jellies?

Your friend is correct!


  • Ctenophora are known as sea walnuts and comb jellies.


  • They are named as Comb jellies, for their combs - the rows of cilia, lining their bodies that propel them through the ocean.
  • They are walnut shaped and hence known as sea walnut.


  • Ctenophora are so delicate that specimens are difficult to collect. They are so fragile that they cannot be collected by submersibles and are known only by photographs.



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This is because ctenophora is naturally having a jelly like nature. Also it contains cilia covering the body in rows like that of the comb, which helps them in movement.


Hence together they are called COMB JELLIES.


It is marine and is found in sea waters. It has an absent Respiratory system, Circulatory system and Absent BRAIN.

Hence it is just compared to a walnut of its size with no brain.


So together they are called SEA WALNUTS

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