Why democracy is better form of government???

 1. A democratic government is a better government because it is a more accountable form of government.

2. Democracy improves the quality of decision making.

3. Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts.

4. Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens.

5. Democracy is better than other forms of government because it allows us to correct its own mistakes.

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  • the biggest merit of democracy is dat it produces a legitimate government
  • this can be assured by free and fair elections
  • a legitimate government is one which is generally acceptable to the ppl

therfore democracy is better form of govt

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 democracy is better form of government, we can say this because:

  • Democracy is responsive to the people of its nation.
  • Democracy is a ligitimate government.
  • Democracy is a government of the people.
  • Democracy ensures the dignity of the people.
  • It treats all the people equally.
  • Democracy ensures that the people are being ruled by the ruler of their choice.
  • Democracy improves the quality of descision making
  • Democracy provides a method to resolve conflicts
  • Democracy allows a room for correction.
  • Democracy is a lawful government.
  • It doesn't rule in a 'majority' or a 'minority' way and sees that the opinions are not permanent.
  • Democracy ensures that all the people have right to express their views and idealogies.
  • Democracy ensures that the backward and marginalised sections of society are treated in an equal way.
  • Democracy resolves all the conflics in a fair manner.
  • The rulers elected by the people take the major descisions in a democracy.
  • Democracy sees that the opportunity to select leaders are available to people on an equal basis.
  • The exercise of this choice must lead to a government limited by basic rules of the constitution and citizens rights.
  • The rights in a democracy are not limited to the right of vote, the government is run by the citizens
  • In a democracy all the powers are shared equally among all the sectors.
  • Minority and Majority voice is necessary in a democracy. 
  • Democracy eliminates discrimination based on caste, religion and gender.
  • Democracy is very close to the people and the citizens, this is ensured by providinf central, state and local government.
  • Democracy accomodates the social diversity.
  • Though democratic rule slows down the economic and social progress, it sees that wealth is distributed equally.
  • Democracy is a government that is attentive to the needs and demands of the people and is largely free of correption.
  • Democracy ensures free and fair elections.
  • Democracy ensures open public debate on major policies.
  • Democracy is accountable to the people.
  • Democracy is based on the idea of deliberation and degotiation.

The above qualities are not found in any other form of government. Hence we can say that demopcracy is the best form of government.  

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 1. It gives equal opportunities to make progress to all the people.

2. It is above any kind of undue favour to any religion, caste, creed or colour.

3. The people are supreme and cannot be exploited by any dictator or group of persons.

4. It gives freedom of expression to the masses. It develops the intellectual level of the country.

5. In a democratic country a citizen is free to follow ‘ any kind of religion, trade etc. This helps the citizens to develop their inherent capabilities which contribute to the progress of the country.

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