Why did Ajamil refuse to meet the sheepdog's eyes?

 When Ajamil accepted the tiger king's offer of friendship, the sheepdog realised the hidden intentions and tried to convey him to not agree. The sheepdog was a simple one who never told a lie. He made frantic signs to signal Ajamil. The shepherd, however, refused to meet the dog's eye and went on signing the pact and offered the tigers to stay for dinner. Ajamil was a safe player. He took calculated risk. He was a mature politician, not to mess with, who would do anything to maintain his supremacy. He disrespected by displaying his lack of confidence in his sheepdog and rather went on signing a treaty, while he could have challenged a fierce battle. However, he tried to sort it our by sacrificing a few of the sheep and not messing with the ferocious lot. The incident shows how the executive, one of the pillars of democracy, is at the mercy of the legislature. It was not jingoism that saved his regime but by shrewd politics.

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