why didn't shift out of primary sector happen in case of employment although there has been a change in the state of three sectors in GDP.

The following points may help you:

a. The primary sector or the agricultural sector constitutes the backbone of our economy, and the major sources of employment.
b. Around 51% of the population is engaged in  the primary sector, ( 2012 data)
There has been a change in the contribution of to the GDP by both secondary and tertiary sector but similar change is not reflected in the employment.
 d. Large number of people continue to be employed in the primary sector, which faces under unemployment and disguised unemployment where more people are employed than actually required with no significant change in the production.
Large section of people continue to be employed in the primary sector because of lack of opportunities and also lack of awareness.
Some services  in the service sector require highly skilled educated people which the people by large may be lacking because of absence of proper education and training facilities leading to unemployment.
Lack of opportunities in other sectors compel people to work as casual labors on daily basis.

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