Why do fish die when taken out of the water??????????????????????

Fish takes the dissolved oxygen from the water for respiration. As you know fish does respiration through its gills. The gill tissues allow the water to move in between the gill membrane and oxygen can diffuse into fish’s blood stream. So, there must be a constant flow of water over gills. If the fish are taken out of water, it suffocates and dies because of little oxygen. Without water, the gills dry and stick to each other, and gas exchange cannot take place.

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It dies because the fish has gills that takes oxygen from the water of the lakes, seas or oceans. The mechanism of gills are developed in the way that it can take oxygen only when water is present

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fishes have a strong comtentary power in sense of water so it dies when taken out from water

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this is because the gills can only take dissolved oxygen which is present only in water and moreover fish don't have lungs or slimy skin or spiracles and tracheal tubes to take the atmospheric oxygen.therefore the fish die on being removed out of water.

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icrod is right...it is because the fish can only take in dissolved oxygen from the water in which they live in. that is why fish cant take in the pure and undissoled oxygen and die when taken out of water because then they have no supply of oxygen in them.

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They can only Breathe underwater...with the help of gills....

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Explain why we feel breathless after running for a long time

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 Fishes breathe by taking in dissolved oxygen from water.When the fishes are not able to get considerable amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.Hence, due to lack of oxygen they die.

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Every animal, humans,insects,fishes.etc have different type of organs for breathing.Human beings which is us, breathe through lungs, such in this way fishes have different organs for breathing called Gills.We cannot breathe underwater wheras the fish cannot breathe outside water because They Breathe Underwater.This is the reason why fish die if taken out of water.

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when a fish is taken out of water its gills cannot take solid air but it can take O2 only inside the water

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when a fish is taken out of water its gills cannot take solid air but it can take O2 only inside the water.

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Lets take the examples for we humans,if we are taken to the space and as you know there is no gravity and air and so we will be not able to breathe.And so here it is the same as the fish or another water organisms which are taken out of the water they die.

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