why do meristematic tissues lack vacuoles?

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 because i took frm them haha

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meristematic cells r active n fast dividing cells with their major function only 2 divide n hence make growth possible in plants...

the main function of these tissue is mitosis n hence the cells of these tissue r small, with thin cell membranes n only small number of cell organelle in order 2 increase their efficiency n growth rate...                                                                                             n since vacuoles serve the purpose of storing of nutrients n excess salts etc. in meristematic cells they find no particular use of storing due 2 the cells' compact shape...

hence in meristematic cells vacuoles r very small n shrunken or non existent...

that's what u needed i think...

have gud nyt...! ! !

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The main function of meristematic cells is to divide and produce new cells . Vacoules provide turgidity and rigidity to cells . If vacoules are present in meristematic cells,then , meristematic cells will not be able to divide .

So , meristematic tissues lack vacoules .  

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Meristematic divide frequently and give rise new cell and hence they need dense cytoplasm and soft cell wall. Vacuoles causes hindrance in cell division as it is full of cell sap to provide turgidity and rigidity to the cell.

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thank u

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