why do we feel suffocated on a busy road with lot of traffic 

there is a pollution on roads and the pollution has harmful gases

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Why do we feel uncomfortable and suffocated in a busy road with lots of traffic
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Due to lot of pollution emitted by vehicles we feel soffocated
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Because there is lack of air to breathe. Due to many people amount of oxygen in that place is less and in comparison the amount of carbon dioxide is more. Therefore we feel suffocated.
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air contains about 0.03% of carbon dioxide when the amount of vehicles increase in the air in a traffic area due to them lot of pollution which contains smoke produced by them harm us and we feel suffocated...
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Why do we feel suffocated and uncomfortable in a busy/crowded road with a lots of traffic

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There are various reasons why “people feel suffocated in a crowded place” which to me are very understandable. I don’t like crowded places. A person could be claustrophobic (I am). Being in a crowd isn’t much different than being in an enclosed place. A person could be agoraphobic (fear of the market place)—just not enjoying being away from the safety of home as a general rule but even more fearful of being in a crowd. Could you imagine having a panic attack in a crowd and not feeling able to get away? A person could be afraid of germs. There are rational reasons to be afraid. People have been trampled to death in crowds. Riots can start.
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