why do we we classify organism?Give three examples of variations that you see in life-forms around you.

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The main aim and need for classification is 

To making study of organisms easy and organized.  

To helps in revealing the relationship between various organisms.

To  provide a clear and practical way to organize and communicate information about organisms. 

To indicate the evolutionary pathways along which present-day organisms may have developed. 

To provides a basis for comparing experimental data about different plant and animal groups.

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There are a wide range of life forms (about 10 million −13 million species) around us. These life forms have existed and evolved on the Earth over millions of years ago. The huge range of these life forms makes it very difficult to study them one by one. Therefore, we look for similarities among them and classify them into different classes to study these different classes as a whole. Thus, classification makes our study easier.Examples of range of variations observed in daily life are:

(i) Variety of living organisms in terms of size ranges from microscopic bacteria to tall trees of 100 metres.

(ii) The colour, shape, and size of snakes are completely different from those of lizards.

(iii) The life span of different organisms is also quite varied. For example, a crow lives for only 15 years, whereas a parrot lives for about 140 years.

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It is importent to classify because they are large in numbers so to not have any confusion they have divided the organisms.For ex-plants come under plantea but,we cannot say that animilia comes under plantea.They are classified as the following:





5.Microscopic or not


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size,colour, shape,breadth,body design

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