Why do we wear white or light coloured clothes in summer but dark coloured clothes in winter? explain with reason & example

The scientific and obvious reason is this. A simple answer that I hear/see a lot is that white reflects heat and black absorbs it, so you should of the issues above has in favor of dark clothing in general, but particularly during cold weather:
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 we should wear light coloured clothes in summer because as we all know that light colours reflect ligt and dark colours absorb light.
For example;- we all have water tank at our home's terrace you have generally observed it is generally in black colour and black colour is a dark colour so water inside it generally get's heated fast because dark colour observe light.This is the reason behind your question.
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We wear light coloured clothes in summer because light colour reflect sunlight.But in winter we wear dark coloured clothes because dark colour absorb sunlight.
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we wear light colour clothes in summer because it reflects sunlight and dark colour clothes absorb sunlight
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We prefer to wear light coloured clothes in summer since they absorb less heat and reflect more heat so they keep us cool in summer while black clothes absorb and give out a lot of heat and hence it keeps us warm so we prefer it during winter .To prove this we can take two metal tins , one painted black and the other white , keep water of equal temperature and a thermometer in each of the tins . Then keep the tins out in the sun for a hour. After a hour check the temperature of the tine, you will observe that the black tin is hotter than the white . This tells us why we prefer to wear light coloured clothes in summer and dark coloured clothes in winter

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as light coloured clothes absorb less heat and when it is summer we will feel cool as light colouredmclothes absorb less heat
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we wear white or light colored clothes in summer because it conserve less amount of sunlight whereas we wear dark colored cloth in winter because it conserve large amount of sunlight and keep us warm
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It is because light colours reflect heat but black absorbs heat
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White and shiny surfaces are poor aborbers and poor radiators of heat(we wear them in summers)

Black and dull surfaces are good radiators and good absorbers of heat (we wear them in winters)

Hope it helps you !!!!
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We wear light clothes in summer because, light clothes only absorbs less heat from the sun. Whereas, Dark clothes are preferred in winter because it absorbs more heat
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