Why do you think Paul's mother was not satisfied with the yearly birthday gift of 1,000 pounds for five years.

The incident defines a great deal of the character of Hester, Paul's mother. A beautiful woman though she was, who started with all advantages, had no luck. Thus, dissatisfied as she was for her husband not being able to fulfil her desires for a lavish lifestyle. She felt that her household and her children had been thrust upon her and should not love them. Thus, Paul did for her what his father could not do. He earned her money through his luck. He was desperate to prove it to her that he was worthy of it. So, he decided to give her mother his hard earned 5,000 pounds discretely. Uncle Oscar and Paul brought up a scheme that they would give Hester 1000 pounds for five years on her birthday. However, as the mother was under a debt, rather than trying to discover who was being generous towards her, she asked for the 5,000 pounds all in once to end her debt. It seems that Hester was not the one to learn from her lessons and so she returned to her lavish lifestyle not treading carefully and did not save anything for a rainy day. She was not a lady to be satisfied. She knew from the beginning that she and her husband had a little income and thus should have altered their lifestyle. However, she blamed it all on her husband for being unlucky and never loved or supported her family.

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