Why does physisorption decrease with increase in temperature?

for adsorption low temperature is favorable

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Physisorption i.e. physical adsorption :

Here the adsorbate is held by adsorbant by weak Van Der Waal Forces which break when Temp incrses....

Thus, Physisorption decreases with Temp...Simple

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Physisorption is exothermic in nature. Therefore, in accordance to Le-Chateliere's Principal, Physisorption decreases with increase in temperature. This means it occurs more readily at low temperature
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Why are powedered substances more effective adsorbents than their crystalline form
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Because in this adsorbate and adsorbent bound through weak vander waal force (universal force) and on increasing temperature bond disassociate
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Since the adsorption process is exothermic raise in temperature decrease the extend of adsorption. [According to le chatliers principle increase of temperature direct the reaction towards endothermic]
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In physisorption the attractive forces between adsorbent and its molecules are weak Vander wall's forces. when temperature is increased kinetic energy of molecules of gas increases and they can easily the surface of absorbent because of weak forces.
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