Why does reducing property of dioxide decreases from SO2 to TeO2 and SO2 is reducing while TeO2 is an oxidisng agent.

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The dioxide molecules contain pπ–pπ bonds which become weaker with increase in atomic number because, increase in atomic no. increases size along a group and hence there occurs an increase in the bond length and so the reducing character decreases down the group.

 Due to presence of d-orbitals(vacant) sulphur can extend its co valency and show oxidation states till +6, which is stable in sulphur (eg: SF6). Hence it acts as a reducing agent, and now the character decreases down the group because of decrease in strength of the pπ–pπ bonds while, unlike sulphur Te cannot show +6 oxidation state as it is highly unstable due to inert pair effect. Therefore there can only be a decrease in it oxidation state (it can decrease to -2, +2 etc.

Hence, TeO2 acts as oxidizing agent.

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