Why does sound make a light spot dance ?

The vibrations made by the sound waves deflect the way of the ray of light and make the light spot dance. Here, try this activity to prove that sound can make light spot dance:

  • Materials Required:-

Small tin can,Balloon,Rubber Bands,Mirror,Glue,Wall.Procedure:-(1) Take a tin can and remove the both ends to make it a hollow cylinder.(2) Take a balloon and stretch it over the can,then wrap a rubber band around the balloon.(3)Take a piece of mirror to the balloon.(4)After reflection,the light spot is seen on the wall.(5)Talk or shout directly into the open end of the can.(6)Observe the dancing light spot on the wall.Result:-(1) This experiment proves that the sound can make a light spot dance.

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The light spot dances because the membrane by which the light is being reflected is vibrating, thus this results in a different angle of reflection of light and "dances"

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bcoz of vibrations..............

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