why had mourad and aram taken the horse ?why did they return it 

Actually, Maurad had stole the horse and not Aram. Maurad had stole the horse to fulfill his dreams or his wish to ride a horse.
But , both didnt consider the act of stealing as stealing since they did not steal the horse intentionally to sell it but to return it after they get satisfied with the horse ride. 
Although the two boys had planned to keep the horse for at least six months, they returned it all of a sudden the morning after they accidentally met the farmer John Byro from whom Mourad had stolen the horse. The farmer examined the horse and told them that he could swear that the horse was his very horse which had been stolen from him many weeks before if he did not know about their parents. He added that the fame of their family for honesty was very well known to him and therefore he liked to say that the horse could be the twin of his stolen horse. What John Byro told them served as an eye opener for the two boys especially Mourad and they became conscious how precious and strong their family’s fame for honesty was and therefore they did not want to tarnish that name and prestige and immediately returned the horse.

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