Why hydrogen comes in reactivity series of metals????


How reactivity of hydrogen can be found out????????

Hydrogen is included in the reactivity series of the metals as it resembles alkali metals in some of its properties such as:

  • It looses electron to form positive ion.
  • It combines with non-metals which are electron attracting species.
  • During hydrolysis if any hydride hydrogen gas is liberated at cathode.
  • It acts as a strong reducing agent.

The reactivity of hydrogen is taken as a reference to find the reactivity of other metals. Metals that are more reactive than hydrogen are placed above hydrogen and the metals that are less reactive than hydroen are placed below hydrogen.

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hydrogen is a non metal but is included in reactivity series of metals because like metals it also loses electrons to form positive ions ,H+.  

its reactivity is given in reactivity series of metals and is sometimes used to compare the reactivities of metals from that of hydrogen.

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how is its reactivity of hydrogen found , i mean how did they get reactivity value of hydrogen????? 

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