Why is AIDS called a SYNDROME and not a DISEASE ?

Well answered Simran. 

AIDS is called a syndrome not a disease because in AIDS the immune system gets affected so body is not able to fight against any disease and a person suffers from many small diseases. Since AIDS result in collection of disease and not a single disease hence it is called a syndrome. 

Syndrome means the collection of symptoms and signs of a disease.

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Because HIV (AIDS virus) kills Helper-T cells of immune system which decreases the production of antibodies from the B-lymphocytes.This lowers our resistance to fight
pathogenic microorganisms which increases the chances of several bacterial and viral infections of any organ of the body.So HIV infection results in a variety of symptoms and diseases depending upon the type of infection and organ affected so is called a syndrome and not a disease.in AIDS,even minor infections can lead to serious complications e.g.,common cold may aggravate into pneumonia and minor gut infection may lead to severe diarrhoea and blood loss.
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