why is democratic govt. considered better than dictatorship?

Democratic government is considered better than dictatorship because of many reasons
1)  It promotes equality among citizens
2)   It enhances the dignity of the individual
3)  It improves the quality of decision making and encourages people participation in politics
4)  It provides a method to resolve conflicts and
5)  It allows room to correct mistakes

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Democracy is known as the better form of govt. bcoz of its various advantages. even though it have many disavantages like time consuming etc still the govt have the capability to overcome these all through its proper and regular functioning. the various characteristics that helps democracy to become the better form of the government are listed below....:-


Democratic states nearly always have freer people than autocratic states. They obviously have the right to vote for their government so by extension deciding the policy of their nation and what their nation should be like. They have more freedom of speech and expression than in autocracies. In particular they are free to criticise their own government.

Represents the people

The biggest virtue of Democracy is that it is government by the people for the people. The government represents the views of the people who elect them and can throw them out if the government does things that the people do not like. Unlike other forms of government democracy is about the little man, everyone rather than the elite that are often disconnected from how everyone else lives their lives.

Better governance due to transparency

Democracy is as much about having checks and balances to the executive and having transparency of decision-making as it is about elections and the populace throwing governments out of power. In a democracy the parliament, the media and sometimes the judiciary all keep an eye on the executive and what is being done with the peoples money. They are therefore able to see if the executive is doing things that are detrimental to the country, are immoral, or even illegal. This can then be brought to a halt. Even where such actions are not visible on the surface there are separate institutions that have the power to investigate the executive and watch any secret deals or actions that are going on away from public view.

Respect of Human Rights

Democracy as much it is understood, is the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

If democracy is put at it appropriate performance, then, all facet of human rights is respected. The citizens would have the rights to exercise freedom of speech concerning the well-being of the populace in areas of the economy, education, health, infrastructural development, etc.

Promotes Human Rights

As much as Democracy is understood, it is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The ability of the people to have a voice in the running of the State, in the economy, health, education, infrastructural development, etc creates a bit-balanced environment for governance to thrive; this can only be achieved in a democratic governance.

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