why is H2S is less acidic than H2Te?

Because ' Te ' has large size than ' S ' . So ' H ' atom easily removed from H2Te than in H2S  . Hence it is more acidic

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"Te" has larger size than "S". so the force which attract the electron is less, due to the larger size of Te, but in case of h2s  the force of attraction is less, due to the small size, so H atom is easily removed from H2Te than in H2S, hence, it is more acidic

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Because Te is present at 5th period while S is present at 3rd period. While going down the group the bond dissociation enthalpy decreased so therfore acidic character increases.
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Te is placed below S in the periodic table. Hence it has lower bond dissociation enthalpy. Hence it has higher acidic character.
Hence H2Te is more acidic
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 because as we move down the group,the bond dissociation enthalpy decreases i.e it becomes easy to dissociate or break the bonds(due to the increasing size down the group)
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