1. Why is ice at 273 K more effective in cooling than water at the same temperature?
  2. What produces more severe burns, boiling water or steam?

A-1) Cooling effect of ice is more than water at same temperature

Ice is in solid state while water is in liquid state. Thus, ice will convert into liquid state by absorbing the latent heat of fusion. On the other hand, no such heat will  be absorbed by water as it is already in the liquid state. Hence, ice will absorb more energy than water at 273K or 0o C. The more is the energy absorbed, the more is the cooling effect. As a result, the cooling effect of ice at 273 K or 0o C is more than water at the same temperature. 

A-2) Steam causes more burns than boiling water 

Steam has more energy than boiling water. It possesses the additional latent heat of vaporization. Therefore, burns produced by steam are more severe than those produced by boiling water.

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Ice at 273 K is more efective in cooling than water at same temperature because ice takes up more latent heat form its surrounding to convert to water and hence causes cooling. The same way, steam at 373 K has more latent heat in comparision to water at the same temperature and hence when it comes in contact with an object it releases the latent heat to convert to water.

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