why is indoor smoking harmful and why is it banned in some of the countries

Indoor smoking is harmful because it leads to increase in passive smoking or second hand smoking. The tobacco smoke is heavier than air and instead of dispersing it forms a low lying smoke-cloud which is exposed to people who are present in the same environment as the smoker for inhalation. 
That leads to many
harmful effects and diseases, most of which are similar to the ones found with smokers such as lung cancer, asthma, bronchitis, stillbirths, infections, skin disorders, heart diseases, etc and hence it is banned in some of the countries. 


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Indoor smoking increases the amount of CO2 in the air thus making it harmful.
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indoor smoking is harmful because,while smoking the segret may fall on the curtains and it may burn.
it may cause a huge damage.
in some countries smoking is banned because:
1.drinks and segrets are good for peoples health in some areas where the whether is suitable.in the places where the whether is not suitable,its harmful for peoples health.
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indoor smoking can lead to an increase in passive smokers . smoking gives out c02 in the the air a person standing close by may inhale the gas thus causing harm to others . this is why is banned in different countries 
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