Why is it necessary to level the soil after ploughing

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It is necessary to level the soil after ploughing because:
1)The loss of moisture from the soil will be prevented because the reduction in the surface area will decrease the rate of evaporation and the soil will retain the high amount of moisture.
2)The levelling of the soil will help in the uniform and proper irrigation of the soil and thus would also help in preventing water logging.
3)The levelling also helps to prevent the loss of the topmost layer of the soil by the wind which is highly fertile. It is because the soil becomes loose after ploughing and may be blown away by the wind.
4)It also plays an important role in breaking the huge unevenness of the soil and the huge lumps or mass of the soil is broken down by levelling.

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it is necessary to level soil after ploughing because after ploughing the field may have big lumps of soil and it is very important to level the soil before sowing the seeds.
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