KO2 is a superoxide in which, only one electron is released from the dioxygen atom and a superoxide ion is represented as O2- . So, in KO2 the oxygen atoms bear -1/2 oxidation state  and they also behave as a free radical species, having an unpaired electron.

We know that a molecule becomes paramagnetic due to the presence of unpaired electrons. Hence, KO2 behaves as paramagnetic molecule. 

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as KO2 is  having lone pair of electrons therefore it is paramagnetic

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 if while sharing of electrons by molecular orbitals theory

if any compound has a single electron then that compound is paramagnetic and if it has all paired electrons then the compound is diamagnetic

here in k02 ,  19+16 = 35 thus in ko2 34 electrons are paired while one is single thus k02 is a paramagnetic compound

merit experts may explain u more clearly through diagram


but hope ur question is answered and u may have understood by now frnd

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Potassium superoxide is paramagnetic. The simple explanation is that with a formula of O2-1, there are simply an odd number of electrons in the anion (6 e- + 6 e- + 1 e- = 13 e-), hence it is paramagnetic.

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the superoxide o2-  is paramagnetic becoz of 1 unpaired electron in pie star 2p molicular orbital

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because of the existance of one unpaired electron in (pi * 2p ) molecular orbital.. on drawing the molecular orbital energy level diagram., u wil get it

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