Why is mitochondria called powerhouse of the cell?

Mitochondriaare known as the powerhouse of cells. Mitochondria create energy for the cell, and this process of creating energy for the cell is known as cellular respiration. Most chemical reactions involved in cellular respiration occur in the mitochondria. The energy required for various chemical activities needed for life is released by the mitochondria in the form of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) molecules. For this reason, mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of cells.

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it gives energy to the cells.it contains ATPmolecules

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Mitochondria contains various digestive enzymes which digest the repaired or bad materials reaching it. It has powerful enzymes which does the digestion work. Hence, mitochiondria is called the power house of the cell.

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Because it form energy by cellular respiration in the form of ATP (Ammonium-tri-phosphate) Molecules

This enertgy is used by the cell to perform various functions..

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Mitochondria are site for breakdown of organic substances which causes the production of most of the energy (or ATP) required for cellular functions . Therefore, mitochondria are also known as the power house of cells.

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The energy currency of the cell (ATP) is made in the mitochondria during aerobic respiration and so "powers" the cell's activities.

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We know respiration results in the chemical reactions involving oxidation of food and  release of energy. Since mitochondria facilitate these reactions and help in the release of energy, they are therefore known as "power house of the cell". Since mitochondria carry out an important function of plant and animal cells, they are present in both.

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